The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

by William Shakespeare

Dramatis Personae

Claudius, King of Denmark                                                                            Doug Mallon
Hamlet, son to the late King and nephew to Claudius                                    Collin Wenzell
The Ghost, the late King and Hamlet’s father                                     Jack Weintraub
Voice of the Ghost                                                                                          Beau Brown
Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother and wife of Claudius                                            Bobbi  J. Fagone
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain                                                                           Paul Smith
Horatio, friend to Hamlet                                                                                Justin Chao
Laertes, son to Polonius                                                                                  Patrick Leo Bradley
Ophelia, daughter to Polonius                                                                        Julia Thollaug
Lucianus, nephew to the King                                                             Clayton Hagy
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway                                                                          David Abad
Rosencrantz, Courtier, former schoolfellow of Hamlet                                   Jaap Tuinman
Guidenstern, Courtier, former schoolfellow of Hamlet                                   Johnny Villar
Voltimand, Ambassador to Norway                                                                Marc Berman
Cornelius, Ambassador to Norway                                                                 John Szabo
Marcellus, King’s Guard                                                                                 David Abad
Bernardo, King’s Guard                                                                                  Marc Berman
Francisco, King’s Guard                                                                                  John Szabo
Osric, a courtier                                                                                              Johnny Villar
Reynaldo, servant to Polonius                                                                        John Szabo
The Player King                                                                                              Marc Berman
The Player Queen                                                                                            Karen Veninga-Zaricor
A Priest                                                                                                           Jack Weintraub
A Grave-digger                                                                                               Paul Smith
The Grave-digger’s Companion                                                                      Hannah Harwood
A Captain                                                                                                        Jack Weintraub
Gentlewoman to Gertrude                                                                              Karen Veninga-Zaricor
English Ambassadors                                                                    Jack Weintraub, Clayton Hagy
A Sailor                                                                                        Clayton Hagy

Lords and Ladies of the Court
Johnny Villar, Clayton Hagy,
Marc Berman, John Szabo,
Karen Veninga-Zaricor,
Hannah Harwood